Villany Begins…

He walked to the foot of the bed, where he had previously tossed his robe. After picking up the silken garment, he donned it and said, “Come.”

Lavalor looked towards the door and watched as Cyris entered.

“He will survive, without having to go through the renewal,” Cyris offered.

“Good,” Lavalor replied. He knew he would need Jerrous, if his plan were to have any chance to succeed.

Cyris stood in silence for a few moments, attempting to avoid looking at the almost nude women. He found their shapely legs as they lay sleeping, very appealing.

“Was there anything else?” Lavalor asked.

“I don’t know for sure. Jerrous said there was an Elfaheen woman helping the elves and the other mages.”

“Are you sure?” Lavalor asked.

“It’s what he said.”

“So, Lysette, you’re choosing to get involved in the young races affairs again. So be it then.” Lavalor whispered as he rubbed his chin.

Unsure of what Lavalor said Cyris asked, “What was that?”

“I said go make sure nothing happens to Jerrous and find out the details of why he had to retreat from their realm!”

Cyris rushed from the room as Lavalor slapped both women on their thighs and shouted, “Good news, dears! Time to go home! Get up, we’ve got work to do!”

Both women awoke, not comprehending his meaning.

* * *

“Why are we in this stuffy, sealed up room? There’s not even a chair to sit on!” Daena asked.

“Quit complaining,” Quensi told her.

“I just want to know why we’re here! He said we were going home, but we are home!”

“I’m going to explain it in a moment, so for now, quiet yourself! I need to show you something before I do,” Lavalor told them.

Lavalor turned away from the women and turned towards a wooden chest that lay across a small table that sat along the outer wall. Running his hands along the top edge of the wooden box he uttered a difficult incantation to remove the magical spell of protection he had placed on it so many centuries ago. Once he finished, a brief spark of yellow light engulfed the box for a moment and then was gone. Lifting the hinged lid and then letting it fall back onto the table with a wooden thud, he reached in and removed his sword, Usurper.

“My loves, this will secure the future of Asmordia,” he told them.

Daena stepped forward to examine the sword while Quensi asked, “How?”

“I’m dying. We know that. I’m going to change my body from this rotting carcass, to this,” he said as he held out the sword.

Both women looked at him in disbelief and silence.

“You must be mad,” Daena said without thought.

Lavalors eyes narrowed in anger at the insult.

“Daena, have you forgotten that he created Asmordia! Your petty fears and empty-headed conclusions are tiresome. Perhaps you should return to what you’re best at.” Quensi smirked as she patted Daena on the ass.

“Enough!” Lavalor exclaimed before Daena could respond, “I have determined how to do this. Like before. However, I will need your help.”

“What happens to you if the sword is broken, or destroyed? Won’t you die then?” Daena asked.

“Yes, but I have tested it repeatedly over the centuries. It wasn’t scratched in the least. I only know of one way that it can be destroyed,” he answered.

“And how is that?” Quensi asked.

Lavalor looked at her, knowing her reason for asking such a question.

“It’s not worth bothering with. The odds are so miniscule we’ll not even worry about them,” he lied.

Quensi, knowing he would not tell them shrugged her shoulders and asked, “So what is your plan?”

“Once I make the transition, I will not be able to travel freely, obviously. I need you two to return to the Rohrlands, taking me with you.”

“Why?” Quensi asked.

“Lysette has chosen to watch over the young races from a distance. She will lead us to the harbinger at some point.”

“How do you know?” Daena asked.

“If she watches over them, it can only be because she knows of the prophecy, as well. I believe she does. I think the gods shared with her the same vision they shared with me. If the gods we follow told me, then the ones she follows must have told her.”

“So what happens after we leave? You will abandon your realm?” Daena asked.

“No, we will return. Cyris will act in my stead, until then.”

“What about us?” Daena asked.

“What about you? This realm is mine to do with as I see fit!” he hissed.

“So what do you need us for, your highness?” Daena asked.

“I will need to borrow some of your magic, much like when we left the Realm of Light. That is why I forbade you two from using any magic. Instead, I have given you all that you could ever want.”

“And here I thought it was because of my other skills,” Daena said as she patted Quensi on her ass this time, with scorn for Quensi in her eyes.