Birth of A Villian

He awoke with a start to the sound of loud, heavy breathing. He realized it was himself. He had been dreaming about Baba Yaga, again. This time Baba Yaga was chasing him in his dream but it turned into a misshapen shadow, grunting and growling at the child he had been in his nightmare. As always, he had gotten caught and this time the shadow had become the man in glasses. It then quickly transitioned into a steel toothed and clawed demon. He awoke just as the demons metallic teeth began digging into his flesh.

He shivered from the cold that fear brings. He wasn’t sure how long he had been asleep but he lit another cigarette anyway, trying to calm himself. Instead he ended up thinking about some of his sins since that fateful day in the park.

As he slowly inhaled the menthol cooled smoke he reflected on the first time he had killed someone.