A Series of Quotes – Mine and my characters!

“I am not simply a writer, I am a biographer of these unseen realms that exist all around us.” – R.E. Fisher

“I write to cause pain for my readers, something I avoid in real life…usually.” – R.E. Fisher

“Look closely upon your shadow, it too is filled full with your sins, just as you are. Its silence of them does not mean it has forgiven you, either.” – R.E. Fisher

“Drink deeply of your passions and your thirst will be sated.” – R.E. Fisher

 “I promise”…two words that are met with so much skepticism in your world! – R.E. Fisher

“Dear world, being alone doesn’t mean we’re lonely, anymore than being alive, means you’re living.” – R. E. Fisher

“I couldn’t help but notice, as it broke free of the only home it had ever known. It looked like it was created of living glass. I could even see his heart, beating strongly. One does not often see, much less know, the hearts of dragons.” – R. E. Fisher (I’m not sure where this will be used, but it will be!)

“Dreams remembered, and written about, are nothing but the stories of others living throughout all of the worlds, in all of the universes. It’s the only time gossip is not frowned upon.” – R.E. Fisher


“I know I’m not that intimidating, but I also know, neither are you. So take your magic and kiss my apple sized ass!” – Winston the Shelfling, Reapers of Magic and War

“The sun comes up, the sun goes down…and people are assholes. What other truths do you need to know to get through your day?” – Dmitri, Reapers of Magic and War

“I will reign over ashes before I serve your gods of light…in any manner!” – Lavalor, Reapers of Magic and War

“What are you looking at?” Tetra asked Winston, seeing him sitting on the steps of the Acolytes Hall.
“That dewy spider web,” he said as he pointed. Tetra glanced at the water-laden web.
“Because it’s like life. There’s always something lurking around to pounce on you.” – conversation between Tetra and Winston, Reapers of Magic and War

“Who’s he?”
“He’s bad luck! Everyone who’s dealt with him has either lost everything, or died ugly.”
“So how’d you get so lucky and not suffer those fates?”
“I’m a nobody. I don’t have to deal with people like him.” – Two strangers talking about Dmitri, Reapers of Magic and War

“We’re not staying there!”
“Why not?” Winston asked.
“Because it’s a whorehouse!” Tetra said indignantly.
“But it’s a reeeeaaallly nice one!” Winston pointed out to his friend that apparently hadn’t learned how the world worked yet. – Tetra and Winston, Reapers of Magic and War

“What is the line that separates you and I? I’m not sure, but I’ll wager it’s going to be a bloody one!” – Dmitri, Reapers of Magic and War

“Just because you don’t like the truth, it doesn’t mean it’s not the truth. Telling others only enough to make it seem like your version is the truth still makes you a liar, or a fool.” – Lavalor, Reapers of Magic and War

“When you’re immortal, memories are like a handful of sand, each grain is a specific event and each of them is almost impossible to remember.” – Tetra, Reapers of Magic and War

“Do you know what the problem with a very long life is?”
“Nye, my Lord.”
“It makes those who ignore their dark nature confused. They fail to realize that near immortality is not the same thing as invulnerability.” – Rhastrashaa, Reapers of Magic and War

“Fear is good…it means you still care.” – Lysette, Reapers of Magic and War

“Only the naive are surprised, everyone else always expects bloodshed. Fortunately for us, most are naive.” – Rhatstrashaa to the Philanthian Empress, Reapers of Magic and War

“If you succumb to this choice of never loving, trusting or embracing others, Lysette, you shall never again experience them.” “That sounds like something Ambriel would have said,” Lysette replied.

“Those moons guide our choices, good, bad or indifferent. Like all wonders of nature different people embrace the ones that feed their own passions. That’s why evil exists Winston, because it must.” – Tetra, Reapers of War and Hope

“To embrace the light you must have at least once in your life fought through the darkness.” – Ambriel, Reapers of War and Hope