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“Reapers of Souls and Magic”

“I really enjoyed reading this first book of the Rohrlands Saga. R.E. Fisher has created a world that I found engaging, with a layered plot that found myself turning the page to find out how they would eventually converge. I liked that he didn’t shy away from creating a character or two who weren’t perfectly upstanding individuals. Too many authors want to create likable characters, that they miss the wonderful complexity of those characters who have questionable pasts.”Anne Willow, Goodreads

“An amazing tale with many twists and turns. It kept me hooked and wanting more. R E Fisher takes you on a whirlwind tour of emotions and action. Great characters that leap from the page and you can connect with. Reapers of Souls and Magic is one of the best stories I have read for some time and I cannot wait to read more that this author will write. Highly recommend this book to escape into and get lost in amongst its pages.”Loraine Conn, Goodreads

I’m a sucker for a fantasy novel that transports me into another world. Reapers of Soul’s and Magic didn’t disappoint. RE Fisher did a fantastic job of melding two worlds. I can’t wait to delve into the second chapter of The Rohrlands Saga. Although I will take a pass on living there, lol.”Linette Dee, Amazon

“Reapers of Souls and Magic” is a rich, diverse and multi-layered epic novel in the genre of high fantasy. I think the author’s imagination is intense, powerful and staggering as he has fashioned an entirely original and multifaceted world.”Louise Lacaille, Amazon

“Throughout the book, we are introduced to dwarves, elves, shelflings, a talking bear, mercenaries, dragons, mages, demons, and a host of other characters that we’d either like to take home with us or punch in the face. The various starting storylines are woven together brilliantly, with plenty of interesting subplots and sidelines, magic, death, deception, and the strength of friendship and the bonds of brotherhood forged through trials and hardships… The imagery is great and the descriptions of various characters, particularly the demons (you’ll just have to read it to see!). There are other moments of pure descriptive magic, such as a sunset that I can still picture in my mind, and the description of the Guarded Isles – creative brilliance.” Cari Jehlik, Blog About,

“Sunrise & Blood”

Swashbuckling pirates, dwarves, elves, an evil empress, her even more evil niece, sword fights, battles at sea and a cast of colorful characters combine to create an entertaining novel full of action, intrigue, romance and magic. For the most part the writing is excellent, and the occasional literary lapses are the only reason I didn’t give this thoroughly enjoyable book a 5-star rating. Dive into the world the author has created and lose yourself in it for a while; I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.”Perry Martin, Amazon Review

“The world building in Sunrise and Blood is incredibly strong. Some of the best I’ve seen. Fisher has created his own language and it’s beautiful. I love the strong women who are not just thinly written copy-cats, but live and breathe on the page. It reminds me of World of Warcraft lore, where they take characters and give them full, detailed backstories. It feels like an epic adventure.” Iowa Peg, Amazon Review

This side tale to the Rohrlands Saga of books is fantastic. R E Fisher has written an incredibly strong female main character, who is kick-ass and knows what she wants and expects those around her to deliver it. A tale of deception, intrigue and battle. Things are not always as you expect them to be.  Amazing twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat and then shook my expectations to the floor. You will not be disappointed in the rich and complex characters that belong in the world R E Fisher has created. I loved it from the first opening words and couldn’t put it down. The story is so immersing you can almost taste the salt air and hear the sounds. A must read!!!” Loraine Conn, Goodreads

“The story of Sunrise & Blood drew me in, containing some of the locations and a few mentions of characters from Fisher’s Reapers Book 1 while still maintaining an entirely separate plot line. I found the vicious pirate characters fascinating and the love story sweet and riveting. This standalone book is great for readers who want to get a taste of the world or see just what kind of characters Fisher concocts before diving into Reapers Book 1. Crafty schemes, betrayal, and magic are just some of the elements of this book that won’t disappoint!”Tamara Beach, Goodreads